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How Fatima Fellowship provides computational support for students in developing countries

Students need your help

Fatima Fellowship wants to bridge the gap in resources between the developed and the developing word. We want students in lower income countries to have a fair chance to apply to PhD and Masters programs in North America and Europe, we want to give them a chance to change their lives and pursue their careers in machine learning.

Many of our previous fellows from India, Bangladesh, Lebanon and other developing nations have shared how difficult it is to acquire research experience with the limited opportunities there countries provide. Fatima Fellowship wants to give them every chance to connect them to success.

We provide a mentor, a research project, and free computation resources to around 50 students every year. Because of our help, many students have been able to apply to prestigious universities such as Georgia Tech and University of Chicago, and have been able to immigrate and work in a future changing industry like machine learning.

At Fatima Fellowship we recognize the power that machine learning will have in the world, and we are one of the first non-profits dedicated to globalizing machine learning.